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TC Sheet Metal Enterprises

Tom Crooks - Owner
(Note - Tom passed away a couple of years ago, and it is out of respect for our dear friend that I leave this page open. Should his son Tom Jr. decide to continue his father's business I will update this site.

Announcing the "Tire Dryer"
Patent Pending

tiredryr.jpg (20014 bytes)

    Track tested with proven results.

Now you can eliminate the moisture from your tires before inflating with nitrogen. This procedure take approximately 3 to 5 minutes per tire and will make your chassis set-up more predictable because you will not have to guess how much pressure build-up due to braking, lateral forces, and various amounts of moisture the tires experience while in the turns.

Why not eliminate the problem before it starts with the Tire Dryer?

This is the original dryer tested in Winston Cup teams. All the rest are imitations. Don't be fooled. Get the original Tire Dryer.

Cost: $1,300.00 U.S.
Manufactured by:
T.C. Sheet Metal Enterprises

Introducing the "Tire Monitor"

   A simple easy to use instrument for measuring the moisture inside your racing tires.

Tiremon.jpg (34705 bytes)

Cost $175.00 U.S. Plus S. & H.