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Patriot Motorsports Sponsors Page

Below is a list of some special sponsors:

American Auto Body

Beebe Signs

T.C. Sheet Metal Enterprises

Over the years we have been blessed by many great sponsors and as you can see from the pictures located on our photos page, we make sure our sponsors have the exposure they deserve. We were able to keep all the sponsors that we have had over the years, even when their company name changed.

In 1997 I decided to cut back on our racing effort and as such I found myself in an area I had not experienced before, and that was locating a good team, or teams for our sponsors. I am glad that the team I selected for my sponsors was able to go on to many championships after acquiring the sponsors I had. That team was Andy Bozell racing, and Andy has taken care of those sponsors as well as I expected. I am so thankful that the people who helped me and the Patriot Motorsports team, are reaping the effort we made to make sure they had continued success.

There are two organizations we still continue to put on our web site because of the nature of our relationship through the years. Please note that since we only run on a sporadic basis, these organizations may, or may not be helping us, but out of respect for one, and out of friendship for another I still list those organizations on this site.

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