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Patriot Motorsports Race Record Page

Our record indicates that we are in the top 5 over 58% of the time. This record has been accomplished only through the support of our crew, our sponsors, our fans, our friends and our families.

Below is a breakdown of our racing record from 1987 - 2008 (Note that we ran full schedules only once in a while so many years between 1987 through 2008, we either raced a couple of times, or not at all.) :

1st - 50

2nd - 35

3rd - 51

4th - 40

5th - 23

6th - 22

7th - 12

8th - 15

9th - 14

10th - 20

11th - 4

12th - 10

13th - 2

14th - 3

15th - 8

16th - 10

17th - 3

18th - 8

19th - 4

20th thru 26th - 5

Please note that we did not keep records of the number of wins from 1974 - 1978 but there were many.

1988 was our best year as we won two track championships at Galesburg and Kalamazoo Speedways. In 1994 we won the Championship points race again at Galesburg Speedway.

In 1988 I broke the track record at Galesburg Speedway so many times the announcer pinned the nickname Roger " The Rocket" Hensley" on me. Several weeks later at Kalamazoo Speedway, Mick Shuler, the announcer their started calling me Roger " The Rocket" Hensley" as well. My friends still call me Rocket.

In 1997 I agreed to join a Go-Cart series in Southwest Michigan. I joined the the series to keep from being pestered by my co-workers. I did so well that I won the championship even though I had missed the last day due to being out of town. My friends and co-workers didn't ask me to compete against them again. 

If you would like to become a part of the Patriot Motorsports team, either as a sponsor, associate sponsor, volunteer or crew member, please e-mail me at