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Have you ever heard the story of the school teacher who had her students run a mock political campaign, including general election, so that her students could learn about politics? If you haven't heard, the story goes like like this.

After a run off, two students were selected by the class. One student candidate was a boy, and the other a girl. Both students were popular, attractive and could speak well. Each student was allowed to give one speech each and then the students would elect the President. First went the male student who gave a very eloquent speech about what he would work toward as class President. After the speech the students cheered and clapped, and the teacher thought that the boy had given an excellent speech and the girl would be hard pressed to beat the boy.

The girl candidate got up and in a very short concise speech said, "If I am elected, I will give everyone Ice Cream." The class went wild and the girl was elected class President. Afterward the teacher found out that the girl didn't have a clue where the money for the ice cream was going to come from. She didn't have enough money to buy Ice Cream for everyone, she didn't talk to her parents to see if they would help, she hadn't talked to the teacher to see if she would help, but she felt that if she promised all the students Ice Cream she would be elected. And so she was elected, not on her ability, but by feeding on her classmate's desire for something that sounded sweet and yummy.

Does the Ice Cream story sound familiar? It should, because that is what has been happening in our political system now. Our Politicians are buying votes with Ice Cream.

Why am I bringing the topic of politics up in a motor sports web site? Because the politics taking place in Washington, and in your State, affects you and your family, as well as the sport of auto racing.

I also bring this topic up because as bad as things are, most Americans really don't know how we got into the economic mess we are in, who really is at fault, and how we have gotten out of messes like this before.

You need to get informed for yourself. Networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and especially MSNBC are biased so far to the left that they hide the truth and in many cases lie like a rug. FOX News is more centered, but people like Sean Hannity are too far to the right, and Bill O'Rielly is too intellectual for his own good. The only person I have seen that tells things as they really are is Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is not a reporter / news anchor and does not profess to be, but he is Honest and is a person of Integrity. The left try to vilify Glenn Beck, but they can't call him a liar as what he says IS TRUE and can be verified. I asked Mr. Beck to clarify something one of his guests said about Cass Sunstein, the Regulatory Czar in the Obama administration. To Mr. Beck's credit, he brought the guest back and had my question answered. I don't know if Mr. Beck did this for me, or if other's asked the same question, but the issue was clarified.

You need to research what is taking place in Washington DC. If you have any questions contact me at: