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Patriot Motorsports Background Page

Over the years we have had a lot of success both on and off the race track. The Patriot Motorsports team has been able to achieve a total of 4 track championships which include 3 stock car championships, and 1 go-cart championship. We have also assisted other racing teams become more competitive through our consulting and training service. Our efforts have resulted in several road racing championships, and several teams finishing in the top of class during their championship runs.

The Patriot Motorsports Team Members

Dan Hensley
-- Crew Member --

Dan Hensley
2009 Galesburg Speedway, 1st Place Championship Points Crew Member

When Dan Hensley was still in his mother's womb, Dan's dad was racing and winning a lot of races. His mother, attended nearly all the races while she was pregnant with Dan, so Dan was exposed to racing even before he was born.

In 2005 Dan and his Dad began construction of the 1976 Chevy Malibu race car that you see above to compete in the Street Stock division. Due his dad having an accident while helping a friend, the race car was not completed until 2006.

Dan competed in a few races but found that he loved working on the cars more than racing them. So late in 2007 and all of 2008 and 2009, Dan Hensley helped as a crew member on Matt Frazier's Sportsman racing team.

Dan is a key member of the Matt Frazier racing team. Dan's efforts helped Matt Frazier win the 2009 Sportsman Track Championship title at Galesburg Speedway, and place 2nd in the Sportsman Championship run at Galesburg Speedway in 2008.

Dan is employed as an Accountant at Mophie Inc., located in Paw Paw, Michigan.

Dan is currently single and resides in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


 Roger Hensley
-- Driver, Owner, Crew Chief, Chassis Engineer --

Roger Hensley, Owner, Driver & Engineer
1988 Galesburg Speedway Driver, Track Champion & Track Record Holder.
1988 Kalamazoo Speedway Driver, Track Champion & Track Record Holder.
1989 Kalamazoo Speedway Driver, 3rd Place NASCAR Track Championship Points.
1994 Galesburg Speedway, Track Champion Car Owner & Crew Chief.
1996 Galesburg Speedway Driver, Showman of the Year.
1997 Go-Cart Driver, Southwest Michigan Series Champion.
2008 Galesburg Speedway, 2nd Place Championship Points Crew Chief

When Roger Hensley was in High School at the young age of 16, he decided to try his hand at racing. So for $50.00 he bought a 66 Chevy Caprice, took out most of the windows and hauled the beast out to Kalamazoo Speedway.

Roger was so nervous after qualifying that he decided to start at the rear of his heat race.  After the green flag dropped, the laps quickly went by but Roger didn't have a clue what position he was in as the cars were spread out all over the race track, and Roger was too busy running his own race and picking up positions. When the checker flag waived, Roger figured he must have been real close to the leader, and started to pull into the pits.... To Roger's surprise he was told that he had won and needed to go to the front stretch to get his picture taken. 

The picture of Roger Hensley in the 66 Chevy Caprice was him winning the very first race he was ever in.  This was the beginning of Roger's successful racing career.

In 1979, after several years of racing and helping other racers, Roger enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and spent seven years serving his country. After being Honorably discharged from the Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant (E-6), Roger's racing career took off. The highlights of his racing career are stated above.

Roger has a very diverse background in Engineering, Electronics, Computers, Information Technology and Management, acquired from several colleges and universities as well as jobs that enhanced his life experiences and ability to apply what he has learned. Roger's job experiences include:

Information Technology Manager - Current full time job.

Information Systems Monitor - Department of Defense (DOD - Civilian)

Quality Assurance Representative - (DOD- Civilian)

Product Line Specialist - (DOD - Civilian & NASA)

Facilitator - (DOD - Civilian)

Computer / Electronics Technician - US Marine Corps (USMC)

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare Specialist - (USMC)

Embarkation NCO - (USMC)

Automotive Assembler & Inspector - Checker Motors (Kalamazoo, MI)

Die Setter - W.L. Molding Co. (Portage, MI)

Auto Parts Sales - J.C. & Westside Auto Parts (Kalamazoo, MI)

Gas / Service Station Attendant - Airport Union 76 & Airport Shell (Portage, MI)

Roger has also designed and built houses, office spaces and various motorized racing and recreational vehicles.

Roger currently resides in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


- Our Logo -

The Logo at the top of each page represents our love of country. The sun behind the eagle represents the grace and the light that shines on this country each and every day. We are proud, and humbled to to have served this country.

Our Logo is our Trademark, and it is protected under US Copyright & Trademark laws. We worked many long hours designing this Logo and Patriot Motorsports; specifically - Roger Hensley, retain all rights to this logo. If you would like decals of our logo, we would be more than willing to send you some at a small fee. We will soon have shirts and sweatshirts with this logo, and jackets available at a later time. We are trying to find a good embroiderer at the present time.